Belly Dance Classes During COVID-19

Our classes will be resuming as we have entered Phase 3. Classes will be available via registration only. Please email us to register and secure your spot! 

During these difficult times, our number 1 priority is the safety of our students and instructors inside and outside of classes. This is why we have implemented our mandatory COVID-19 protocols. Unfortunately, we cannot make any exceptions!

Pre-Class Protocol

  • Do not attend if you have travelled

  • Do not attend if you are sick, feverish, coughing, running nose etc..

  • You must pre-register before attending

  • No make up classes or refunds

  • No transferring of classes amongst students

  • Do not show up to class without registering

  • Monthly registration will be required prior to attending classes 

In- Class Protocol

  • Masks as you enter or move through the studio

  • Hand sanitizing as you enter studio

  • COVID-19 Waiver

  • Attendance check

  • Temperature check (35.5°-37°)

  • Social distancing dance space

  • Pre-registration is required

  • Limited to 10 students per each class

Post Class Protocol

  • Masks as you exit or move through the studio

  • Hand sanitizing as you exit studio

  • Social distancing upon exiting the studio

  • Practice at home!

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Disclaimer: All classes are final sale, non-refundable or transferrable. Students are able to make up one class per session. We offer prorated fees for sessions if known before each session begins. Some classes are recorded or photographed for social media and marketing use. Classes will be cancelled due to extreme weather warning by instructor and will be available for make up. Remaining private lessons or hours purchased are valid for 12 months of purchase date. All hours must be used within that grace period. All hours outstanding will be suspended thereafter.