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Belly Dance Lessons 

Unlike other belly dance classes, the Desert Belles Belly Dance Academy will help you discover the true art of belly dance in an energetic, fun, positive and focused environment. Let us help you stay fit, healthy and shimmy!

Belly Dance Fusion

Technique Belly Dance  Classes

Beginners Belly Fit  technique classes give you the best of both worlds, learning belly dancing while exercising. This energetic and intensive class is fun and affordable!  

Belly Dance Performance

Advanced Belly Dance Classes

Advanced levels demonstrate the true mastery of Belly Dancing. Learning Egyptian styles, isolations, belly rolls and combinations, this class will  have you itching to perform! 

kids belly dance classes toronto richmon

Kids Belly Dance Classes

A fun class with tremendous health benefits for your child. Learning teamwork, movement, posture and flexibility. Belly Dancing will help transform your childs personality.

Belly Dance Classes Toronto

Intermediate Belly Dance Classes


​The intermediate level explores the traditional rhythmic style while tapping into entry level choreography. Join this class for an unforgettable experience.

Belly Dance Classes Show Performance Tor

Elite Troupe Belly Dance Classes

Desert Belles Belly Dance Troupe Classes are those who have a knack for performing. If you think you've got the drive and passion, email us for details

Best Belly Dance Classes Toronto Richmon

Private Training Classes

Personal classes are a great way to focus on what is important to you as a dancer. Whether for fun or choreography, private lessons can help you achieve your goals with personal attention and improvement. 

Classes are non-refundable and final sale. Classes cannot be transferred or exchanged. Each student is entitled to one make-up class during each session. Make-up classes must be the same value and level as original purchased class. 

Belly Dance Private Lessons

Exercise & Beginners Belly Dance Classes

One-on-one lessons will help you climb the ladder to dancing greatness. During these individual, personalized private lessons you will learn technique, dance vocabulary, exercise to gain strength, solo skills as well as posture. These classes are fun, energetic, intensive and will have you returning every week!


Solo Routine Belly Dance Classes

Once the basics are in place, solo routine classes help students reach the goal of performance. During this hour your instructor will work with you to perfect your ulitmate solo routine. You will learn how to perform your routine like a superstar! Over the top elegance, topnotch technique and expression, you can tell your story through movement. 


Teacher Training Belly Dance Classes

Building your technique is endless. Dance is always evolving and progress. During this class, you will be able to stay up-to-date with the various forms of belly dance. This class is useful for other instructors or individuals interested in becoming instructors. After completing the various levels of belly dance, you will be awarded a certificate of completion by the academy. Contact us today and let us help you reach your career goals!

Kids Belly Dance Classes

Kids belly dance classes focus to benefit your child by improving his/her posture, strengthening muscles and toning, aids in digestion, building concentration, increasing exercise and eliminate obesity and reducing stress. Belly dance is for all ages and is not just about moving your belly. Classes require hard work and discipline. By enrolling you  children to belly dance classes, they not only learn a new style of dance but they also improve their confidence,  improve their activity,  become team players, make new friends and learn to live a healthy lifestyle. 

You can enrol you kids to belly dance classes by emailing us today!

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